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Your premier source for livable, buildable and sellable house plans in the United States. Based in Portland, Oregon - Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc. provide house plans and home designs to builders and consumers around the country.

House Plans by Alan Mascord Design Associates

Livable, Buildable Home Plans

With a multitude of styles and sizes to suit many tastes and budgets, we know we have the perfect home plan for you.

The Mascord Collection contains more than 750 unique, extremely livable designs in a multitude of styles and sizes ready to customize to your exact specifications. With more than 4000 additional plans already derived from those published plans and with the ability to quickly customize an existing plan to meet your specific needs, you will easily be able to find the perfect home for you, your family, and your future. From Craftsman to Contemporary, small ranch to large daylight basement - we're sure you'll love these designs.

Some of Our New Designs

View these designs and many more on our dedicated house plans website
Mascord Plan 1168B - The Breve

The Breve

Plan 1168B

Craftsman Ranch with Three Car Garage
Mascord Plan 1168A - The Americano

The Americano

Plan 1168A

Perfect Plan for Empty Nesters or Young Families
Mascord Plan 21151AA - The Carywood

The Carywood

Plan 21151AA

Sought After Aesthetic
Mascord Plan 23116 - The Lucas

The Lucas

Plan 23116

Great Plan for Corner Lots
Mascord Plan 1177A - The Haich

The Haich

Plan 1177A

Beautiful, Welcoming Small Ranch House
Mascord Plan 1168C - The Cafe

The Cafe

Plan 1168C

RV Owners rejoice! Beautiful solution to storing your Bus!

Custom Home Design Services

Make your home personal

Building a home customized specifically for you to meet your lifestyle needs is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When we're asked to customize one of our designs, we understand you want a home that incoprorates your unique touches, fits your lifestyle, and is acheivable within your budget. Working with our talented, experienced design team is extremely easy, cost effective, and rewarding. With over 30 award winning home designs featured in the Street of Dreams and many more national home shows - our experience, skill and expertise is recognized by industry professionals everywhere.

Make the process of creating your dream home an easy one, and get in touch today!

Mascord Home Design Services

Our Design Process

We take care of all you needs and desires throughout the process. Your design consultant will work with you to establish your criteria, budget and technical requirements.

Initial Consultations

The important part of initial meetings is that we listen to all your goals and dreams for your home, as well as your limitations. Then, while finding the right design, we can tweak things to suit your needs, until it fits your lifestyle, property, and budget perfectly.


Design Completion and Review

When all the design elements are in place, preliminary design documents will be printed and evaluated with you, to make sure everyhing is satisfactory. This final design will then be signed off as approved by you, and your construction drawings will be produced.


Construction Documents

With a customized home design, we can work with key collaborators in your project, such as your preferred truss manufacturer, site and stuctural engineers (or those we recommend) and other industry professionals to create a complete set of house plans ready for permit submittal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Mascord differ from "Architects"?

Our talented professional building designers create stunning unique home designs with neccessary code-compliant details to obtain permits and construct your home. We create detailed structural & permit documents that a general contractor follows to build your custom home.

However, where an Architect would source and list everything for your custom home (down to the nails and wall color) - we leave the sourcing and finite specification of and finishes to you and your builder. That helps you to maintain flexibility with choices, and greatly reduces the costs of creating the design.

With over 30 years' of award winning design experience, there are more than 65,000 families enjoying their Mascord homes. Join them, and get in touch with us today!

How much does a customized home plan cost?

Where a full service architect could typically charge a percentage of the total cost of construction, our custom design and modication services are instead afraction of that cost, based on an hourly rate to make changes to your chosen design. Because the costs of our services are not based on the value of the home being designed - you can expect to save thousands over the usual costs of hiring a full-service Architect.

Do the plans include everything I need to get a building permit?

Our home plans are detailed to meet IRC (International Residential Code) requirements, and also Oregon and Washington local code amendments. Some areas require additional information, such as wind and seismic calculations, or energy code compliance worksheets. If you need any of these special items, we can work with professionals we have relationships with to provide them cost effectively, or you are welcome to use your own.

In addition, our construction support staff can assist you with questions or concerns from your building department - making the permiting process run smoothly. Some issues, unique to your situation, may incur additional costs.

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